PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. offers its customers around 40 products in various drug forms and packet sizes. We would like to point out that the drugs given in the following list are all available in the Czech Republic. However, due to registration restrictions, contractual obligations or due to the company’s own strategy not all products are available in each country.

The company specialises in drugs in three therapeutic areas: diseases of the gastrointestinal system, the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. Other products in the company’s portfolio are used in the treatment of mental disorders and bacterial and viral diseases. PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. also produces nutriceuticals. Our range includes several preparations containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The human pharmaceuticals listed on this website are distributed on the basis of valid registration throughout the Czech Republic and patients may obtain them in pharmacies either as freely available drugs or on prescription. Pharmacies may buy these pharmaceuticals through our network of drug distributors.